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Recharge now to get a chance to spin the TPPLAY LUCKY SPIN and win prizes of up to millions of rupees every day.​​​​​​​


Recharge Requirement Spin Chance Time
Single Recharge ₹1,000 1 00:00--23:59
Accumulated Recharge ₹5,000 1 00:00--23:59
Accumulated Recharge ₹50,000 3 00:00--23:59



1. You must reach the total recharge requirements specified above to be able to participate.

2. There are 5 cash prizes in the form of TPPLAY balance and 3 physical prizes in the form of BIKE, GOLD and DIAMONDS.

3. Prize money will be given automatically directly into your TPPLAY account (turnover x1). For physical prize winners, please contact our Customer Service.

4. TPPLAY Lucky Spin will start at 00:00 every day, please wait a few moments after you have successfully made a deposit according to the specified conditions.

Example:  Today you make a single deposit of ₹1,000 then you get 1 chance to spin. If on the same day your total accumulated recharge is ₹50,000, then you will get 4 additional spin chances .​​The maximum  total spin you can get in 1 day is 5 times.

Important: Spin chance you get today cannot be used tomorrow!


First Prize : DIAMOND worth ₹10,00,000

Second Prize : GOLD worth ₹1,50,000

Third Prize : BIKE worth ₹50,000

Fourth Prize : ₹10,000

Fifth Prize : ₹1,000

​Sixth Prize : ₹100

Seventh Prize : ₹50

Eighth Prize : ₹10


1. This promotion only applies to real members of TPPLAY.

​​​​​​2. TPPLAY has the right to cancel prizes or freeze TPPLAY accounts if there is fraud by individuals or groups in taking advantage of this promotion.

​​​​​​​3. TPPLAY has the right to stop this promotion at any time without prior notification. The right of final interpretation belongs to TPPLAY.